10 Things That’ll Make Ya Stop ‘N Stare

Be honest: Everyone enjoys a good stop ‘n’ stare. When life seems boring and predictable and drab, there’s nothing like an unexpected WTF sight to make you feel alive again.

If things are feeling too bland in your life, these pics are just what the doctor ordered. Who knows, maybe by the time you’re done, you’ll be happy to return to a world where things are boring and normal.

1. Snow sure is bumpy today.
This geometrically-pleasing scene is not the result of weird weather — it’s just a field of cabbages after a snowfall. I would never have guessed that without looking it up.


2. When postering gets out of hand.
I’ve seen lampposts with a solid inch of old flyers that have accumulated on top of each other. But this? I wonder how many decades it’s been growing.


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