11 Bad Decisions That’ll Spin Your Head Round Baby Right Round

I’m the kind of person who gets lost going to work in the morning, even though I am (allegedly) here every day. It’s easy for me to forgive mistakes because my parents told me I’m definitely one myself. It’s that kind of supportive, nurturing environment that made me the living meme I am today.

But these people… For real, you better grab a neck brace, because your vertebrae are about to be shooketh.

1. So let me get this straight. You got your toenails done like that, then went off into the forest to take the pic?
Honestly, it would make so much more sense if she was standing in a potted plant.


2. Looks like your fatal mistake was getting into tech support.
Also, I’m going to go ahead and call this picture fake, since no Apple user has ever had 100% battery in the history of smartphones.



3. You just had to get the individual bottles, didn’t you?
If you’d grabbed the big flats of bottles, you could’ve gotten into the express lane.

You are in a hurry, right?


4. It’s always nice when you can tell someone knows that they’ve made a bad call.
You’d think they’d realize it before the last can of SpaghettiOs was in the tub, but…


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