11 Hilarious Reactions To The Super Bowl Kid That Have Us Screaming

If you caught the Justin Timberlake concert last night that featured a bit of football, you definitely witnessed the moment that JT took a selfie with a fan (if you can call him that).

The internet instantly turned this kid into a meme that we’re absolutely here for.

1. One of the best parts of this moment was that even though Justin Timberlake was basically serenading this kid, he spent most of the time on his phone.
Naturally, the internet turned it into one big joke.

Let’s be honest, this would have happened to us.


2. Some figured that he had no idea who JT even was.
I mean, Justin has been around since the ’90s, but this kid wasn’t even born yet. There are plenty of people who would have given anything to be in that seat.

Do you feel super old yet? Same.


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