13 Bad Financial Habits It’s Best to Lose by the Age of 30

30 is a great age. Psychologists call 30-year-old’s young adults. But why do some 30-year-old people have cars, apartments, stable jobs, and some live paycheck to paycheck? It’s all about harmful financial habits that don’t allow them to achieve success.

1. Making long-distance phone calls


If you make long-distance calls often, this is probably something you spend a lot of money on. In this case, you should pay attention to software for internet calls. Look, it doesn’t have to be only Skype: there are a lot of other apps that are modern and convenient. You can use them to make video calls.

The most popular one is probably WhatsApp. It’s a simple app to use, but it has one serious flaw — too much spam, including fraud. You can try Talky, WeChat, or Google Hangouts. These apps are intuitive, don’t have any ads, and are completely free.

2. Retail therapy


Shopping for mood improvement is a really bad financial habit. How often do you buy something that you didn’t plan for? According to research conducted by Slickdeals, American customers make at least 3 purchases a week that they didn’t plan for which affects their financial situation.

Financial experts have explored and explained why retail therapy is a bad idea. First of all, you risk buying a bunch of unnecessary things. And even if they don’t cost much, you will have spent a huge amount of money by the end of the year. Second, buying something without thinking may indicate that you are trying to solve your psychological problems using shopping. It could be low self-esteem or childhood issues.

Fun can be completely free — walking with friends, a picnic with coworkers, or playing sports in the open air can improve your mood just as well as shopping. And these things are way safer for you financially.


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