13 Examples Of People Who Had Only One Job And Failed

Apparently, life is hard for some people. Most of us get up every day, go to work, and do our job to the best of our ability. Maybe that’s what these people did, too. If so, they need different jobs! Their talents lie elsewhere, obviously.

These are some crazy examples of people who messed up their jobs. I don’t know how some of these things happened. Were they asleep? Where they inebriated? Did they lie to get these jobs by pretending they were qualified for them?

Perfect example is the kids slide. How are the kids suppose to have fun when they are not able to use it. The second example is the fire extinguisher. We just hope there will not be a case of emergency, because we are not too sure if they will be able to use it.

Maybe we will never know how these unfortunate work mishaps came to be, but we can speculate, and have fun doing it. I mean, some of these look like it would take a lot of effort and intention to mess up this bad!

Some of these examples of people who failed the one job they needed to finish make me think that Ashton Kutcher is going to come jumping out from behind the tree and tell us that we are being punked! There is absolutely no way people are this bad at their jobs, is there?

That might just be wishful thinking, as it really seems there are many, many people in this world who can’t figure out how to perform their jobs as well as they should.

See for yourself!

1. Lady Sawed in Half


You know how when there is a huge billboard or advertisement hanging somewhere, there are different panels that need to be arranged to create the entire picture?

It should be like the easiest puzzle ever created. The lines are literally straight.

All one must do is match them up. It’s a no brainer, right? For most, yes. For whoever did this, no way. It’s two panels. One woman. She’s lying on her side, which makes it to where her head starts on the left, her hips on the right.

Maybe whoever was in charge of this project needs glasses, because they got it all wrong. The lovely lady looks as if she’s been sawed in half by a magician and switched around!

Oy vey! You had one job!

2. Coffee Mug Shenanigans


I’m pretty sure I could give my 5 year old the task of placing mug handles in the correct spot and he could do better than whoever created this monstrosity!

I don’t understand how anyone got this wrong! The handle on the inside! How can this be? How did this even happen?

Surely it’s a joke. Nobody is this incompetent, right?

Maybe it’s supposed to be like abstract art. A little off and open to interpretation.

Whoever did this needs to find their true calling, because this is not it!

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