15 Images Of Things unlike the Other That Will Make You Laugh

Things aren’t always what they appear to be and you need to take a closer look to get the real picture. This compilation of puzzling photos have been inspired from Sesame street’s “one of these things”. It is truly funny and we hope you enjoy a good laugh on seeing them. Check out these 15 images of things not like the other.

1. Master of disguise
Did you spot the disguise? This cat seems to be aware of his circumstances and is even posing exactly like the statues at his side. Read on for more funny photographs.


2. The impostor
Look carefully at the line of toys which appear to be guinea pigs and one of them is definitively an impostor. If you haven’t got it, look to the mid right, one can’t mistake those droopy eyes.


3. Spot the odd thing unlike others
Did you find the mischievous face leering at you from the bunch of leaves? You can make out he must be having a whale of a time thrashing about in the pile of leaves which is why the weird expression on his face.


4. She thinks she’s a flamingo
Seems this swan has been mingling with this group of flamingoes too long because she now thinks she to is one unless of course they were all reared together in which case the flamingoes too have accepted her as their own kind.


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