15 Top Secret Places Google Earth Doesn’t Want you to See

Unknown Area In Siberian Tundra, Russia
Among the entire secret places o Google Earth, this is perhaps the most mysterious and there is a sinister story behind the huge blur put there by Google over the area. The site is located in the Siberian Tundra near the Russian city of Egvekinot just near the border to Alaska. The Russian authorities had sealed entire sities and towns in the area in 1986 where some were home to more than a million people. The mysterious cities were given names like Krasnoyarsk-26 and Tomsk-7. One such area named Arzamas-16 was home to a colony of superior nuclear scientists and engineers. It was widely believed that the area was taken over by the government during the cold war of the sixties and used as a missile or radar station.

Many net observers also commented that the surrounding areas were copy pasted from other parts of the country.


The Michael AAF Building, USA
This is a highly classified area in Utah that belongs to the US military. The only information known about it is the fact that it is used as many presume to be a biological and chemical weapons testing facility. There is no other information regarding it. The entire area has been blurred out by Google Maps.


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