15 Weird And Ridiculous Facts That Turned Out Actually True

To know something new is a good thing, but the feeling of amazement is best when you learn something unusual, something you could never expect to be true yet it is. Facts about the world we live in, facts about the reality of life around the world, unique cultures or history. All of these can be fascinating and in equal measure of amazement, here are ridiculous facts that are actually true.

Why Pigeons head bob
I’m sure you have observed a pigeon and how it keeps head bobbing when walking as if it’s some OCD behavior. Actually, the reason why they do that is to stabilize the picture that they see. Not only pigeons but majority of bird species do that because they have eyes on either side of their head giving them monocular vision bobbing helps them determine the relative distance of objects.


1.6% of people feel pain when they see someone else in pain

That’s right!! This is a rare condition called Mirror-touch synesthesia. Individuals experience the same sensation like touch that the other person feels. If someone afflicted with the condition were to see someone touching their cheek, they would feel an identical sensation. Research has just found that amputation can create the condition in someone.


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