Russia Proposes A Super Highway That Will Take You From Europe To USA By Road (5 Pics)

So, whether they are weapons like tanks and submarines or civil engineering projects like highways, Russians never like them small. By the way, their definition of “small” also blows our out of the water so when they say they are planning a “major highway”, it is really really gonna be huge. According to a report in the Siberian Times, the Russian government was planning on developing a road link that could potential stretch to more than 80 percent of the globe. Here is the proposed plan of the new highway.


Whoa! Got you didn’t we? As you can see, it starts from London and ends in New York itself. On it’s way it passes through Eastern Europe, Siberia, Eastern, Kamchatka and then a trans-ocean part takes it over to Alaska, USA and from here it goes to New York while passing through Canada. One look at it and you would say that this project cannot be developed as it would be difficult to convince nations and the proposed length of tens of thousands of miles is simply too big to be built.